Massachusetts residents can get up to $2,500 when buying a BMW

BMW iperfomance MoreEV rebate

Massachusets’ Mor-EV program gives owners of i3, i8 and iPerformace models a rebate of up to $2,500. The following BMW models are eligible:

  • i3
  • i8
  • 330e
  • 740e
  • x50 40e

To qualify for a rebate, submit a MOR-EV application:

  1. Within 3 months of the purchase or lease date of a new vehicle
  2. After taking possession of the vehicle
  3. Prior to exhaustion of available rebate funds (Rebates are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.)

You are responsible for submitting the rebate application and all required documentation to CSE. Only vehicles purchased on or after June 18, 2014 are eligible. Head over to our specials page to see the latest deals on iPerformance vehicles eligible for the rebate.

Eligible Vehicles List MOR EV

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