Benefits of the BMW European Delivery Program



When you buy your vehicle through the European Delivery Program you can save up to 5% off base MSRP which can be utilized to plan your dream vacation.
Click here to view the European Delivery pricing.


The European Delivery Program includes:

  • Complimentary Munich Airport Shuttle
  • 14 days of free insurance and registration
  • Munich Factory Tour and BMW Museum Visit
  • European Inland Transportation
  • Marine Insurance
  • Customs Duty and Clearance
  • U.S. Port Processing
  • Wharf and Handling Fees

Explore the BMW Welt

Once you arrive at the BMW Welt, your Delivery Specialist will greet you at the Premium Lounge. From there, they’ll guide you through the Product Information Center and present you to your new BMW. Once you become acquainted with the main controls and features, you’ll be ready to get behind the wheel and embark on your first exciting journey with your new vehicle.

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