BMW Power and Sound kit now available for 440i and 340i


340-440-MPPK-power-exhaust-kitThe BMW M Performance Power and Sound Kit has officially been launched is now available for the 340i and 440i powered by the B58 engine. The final output numbers are 355hp (+35hp over stock) and 369 lb-ft for auto (+39 lb-ft over stock) / 355 lb-ft for manual (+25 lb-ft over stock). This results in a 0.2 second 0-60 mph improvement over stock acceleration figures.

MSRP on the MPPSK is $2820, with the stainless steel tips priced $128/ea and carbon fiber tips at $254/ea.

The kit is available for port install on new vehicles, and comes with a 4 yr / 50k mile warranty when purchased with new vehicle. If purchased after delivery, the warranty is 2 years / unlimited miles or the balance of the new vehicle warranty, whichever is greater.

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