BMW European Delivery Timeline


Placing Your Order

Head over to the and configure your dream BMW. Once you are done, share the build code with me to the process started.

Two days after you place your European Delivery order, you’ll receive a confirmation email – this is when your journey begins. Less than two weeks after that, you’ll receive a welcome package outlining all of the fun and exciting opportunities you’ll have through the European Delivery experience.


Finalizing Payment

About 45 days before your trip, you will complete your European Delivery Purchase Order with me at Tulley BMW.  Then, two weeks before you embark, you’ll finalize your payment with our finance department. This is the final step before you take off.

Returning Home

When your trip comes to a close, you will drop your BMW off at one of our 12 drop off locations throughout Europe.  Your vehicle will then be shipped to the U.S. in 6-10 weeks for re-delivery at your Tulley BMW.



BMW X5 and X6 Tax Bennefits

2016 Bmw X5 M And X6 M Are 567 Horsepower 39bahn Burners Ny Daily Bmw X5 And X6The X5 and X6 lead the segment with a wide array of features and benefits. One that everyone may not be aware of is a very significant tax deduction that is available when the vehicle is purchased for business use. The IRS categorizes SUVs with a gross vehicle weight in excess of 6,000 lbs differently than other luxury automobiles. As a result:

Business owners that purchase an X5 or X6 may be eligible for an Immediate Tax Write-Off of up to $25,000 of the Purchase Price.
Furthermore, an additional Bonus Depreciation Tax Write-Off is also available for such vehicles purchased on or before December 31st.
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